Wide Plank (Face Grain Cutting Boards)

Hardwood Lumber Company offers a wide selection of quality Wide Plank cutting boards also known as flat grain or face grain cutting boards. Made from solid hardwoods, these cutting boards are practically indestructible. The standard cutting boards come with square corners and have a 1/8" radius on all edges. We offer our cutting boards pre-treated with the standard option of mineral oil or with a natural plant based oil (fractionated coconut oil). It is recommended that you clean the board with a damp cloth and reapply another coat of butcher block oil or butcher block conditioner before using cutting board for the first time. We also offer unfinished cutting boards for those who prefer them as such. Additionally, we now offer the option for a juice groove and finger slots. Hardwood Lumber Company cutting boards are of the best quality wood cutting boards available. Most of our woodworkers are from the local Amish community. A water-resistant glue is used for all our butcher block cutting boards.

Cutting Boards ship in 2 to 3 weeks.